Netgear Support Guide and Tips

Netgear Support Guide and Tips
One of the common problems customers encounter when using a router is unable to log-in. This article can help you resolve issues when logging-in to your router. The router and computer must be connected with the use of an Ethernet cable, and put an end in one of the router LAN ports, ensuring that both ends are secure. Once connected, check for the Internet LED to ensure it is lit on, and troubleshoot as indicated in the user manual. The ports have LEDs that should be lit on, otherwise, try to move the cable to a different port. The LED on the Ethernet adapter should also be lit. If the Ethernet adapter is not directly from Netgear, you have to contact the manufacturer of the adapter. You can read more about router login by clicking the link.
Check to see if your computer is connected to the router by selecting start, run, and type ping or, and your computer is not connected if you see the message "Request timed out". Your internet proxies must be disabled by using the Internet Explorer and try to look for the Tools, Internet Options, Connections, and LAN settings, and uncheck the proxy server for your LAN. It is important to clear previously router login page by choosing tools, internet options, delete files and delete all offline content, then clicking 'OK'. Try to also access the internet using a different computer or browser. Power off your router and power it back on again. If everything fails, you can restore the default factory settings as per user manual and enter the default username and password. Find out more information about router login

In order to change the WiFi network name (SSID) and password, you need to launch the Internet browser and type the address or Netgear router log-in, enter the username which is 'admin' and the default password which is 'password'. Enter the new username and password on the home page under 'Wireless'  on the Name or SSID field and Network Key field. If ever your device disconnects from the wireless network, you can view the available networks by entering the new WiFi password or network key. Netgear highly advse enabling of password recovery if changing password for user name admin for users to recover password in case it is forgotten. This password recovery process is supported by Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer browsers but not Safari. Once password recovery is enabled, you can enter the serial number of the router that is on the product label. Determine the best information about routers

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