Netgear Router - Steps on How to Effectively Block Websites That Are Unwanted

Netgear Router - Steps on How to Effectively Block Websites That Are Unwanted
It is not always as easy as you think it is leaving your computer turned on with an internet connection that is still active, particularly if you have kids or other people who will be using it in your home. Furthermore, we also know that it is quite hard or not even possible to forbid our kids from using the computer since it is what they use when they play video games or when they are grabbing some knowledge from Google for their studies or  for the projects that they have to do.  However, for parents or even for seniors, getting worried to death comes naturally for us, especially when we allow  them to use the computer even without our knowledge or supervision since we do not know what they are searching for or watching plus, we also do not know about the online safety of the sites they are viewing with. Get more information about Router Login Netgear.

We can say that children are the most vulnerable or the easiest target to online threats as they are the most curious being here on earth since they tend to click anything and everything that catches their attention, not knowing that it is already a threat, an adult content or perhaps, a scam that will have them filling up forms about some personal and confidential information like email addresses and passwords, among others.

Now, we believe that you are curious as to the things that you can do to ensure that you are safe and protected online. In order for you to know what you can do, we present to you this article containing all the things that you should do know in terms of protecting yourself online and blocking unwanted sites as well.  For more information about the Router Login Netgear , follow the link.

When you have a wireless router, it becomes very difficult to monitor the actions or the websites that your kids or anyone in your house are viewing as they can do it  at the privacy of their home hence, if you want to ensure that your computer is protected or that you are safe online, there is one but important thing that you should do and that is to block any undesired or unwanted websites on your Netgear wireless router by means of their proxy server addresses. Now, talking about blocking websites that are unwanted, we have here a guide that will help and assist you in doing such a thing accurately.

On the guide that we have, the first thing that must be done is to open the internet browser you are using. If your browser is already up, type in the address bar at the top of the browser before pressing the enter key. After the login window of the Netgear router pop up, type your username and password then hit the login button or press enter. On the menu at the left hand side, under the 2nd category there is the 'Content Filtering', you have to click on the option that says 'Block Sites'. Pick out the most interesting info about routers